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Anyone have any info (or thoughts) on when the Sorenson MPEG4 codec for quicktime will come out?

I know there have been beta's flying around the web for what seems like a year or so now...

Last I saw it was a few months ago when Phil demo'd it at a Quicktime Conf.

Do you think Apple will make a big deal out of it and just include it as part of Quicktime 6?


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    sinewavesinewave Posts: 1,074member
    I am sure it will be a part of QT 6.
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    If you look at QT Streaming Server 4 preview, it supports QT MPEG4. Sorenson announced this last Jan/Feb so this is a very long beta. Since DV Expo is next week in LA, I expect that Sorenson will release the first MPEG4 codec along with FCP for X.

    BTW, I am using Sorenson 3.1 Pro and Cleaner 5.1 and the compression is very very good--a far better improvement and way faster encoding times.
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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    man... they are pretty far behind, aren't they?

    I was shown MPEG 4 and 2 when I went to the NAB in Vegas this year. That was over 6 months ago.

    What the hell is taking them so dang long?

    I hope they will have the 'official' MPEG 4 along with somekind of "high" and "low" qualities as well (that can compete with the Real, WIMP, and DiVX implementations of MPEG4. As is, the pure MPEG 4 spec has, yes, great quality to bandwidth ratio... but Real, MS, and DiVX beat it to a pulp (albeit at not so great quality).
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