Major iPod Problems

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I'm having a bit of a problem with my 4G iPod on my iMac. I've got one of the swivel screens from a couple of years ago.

Basically the story is this. Before I upgraded to Tiger, and now downgraded for various reasons back to the latest Panther I was running on everything up to date system wise. Every time there was an OS update or iTunes update I downloaded it.

So that being said I was using the pod perfectly fine and then I started using it as a drive on my mac G4 tower at work. The G4 is running a barebones version of Jaguar. After a few months of use back and forth my pod started to restart itself on various points on my commute. Maybe once every couple of weeks. A few years ago we had the same OS at our school and due to firmware issues it fried at least 10 drives if not more, including my own. So I thought that might have been the case.

And then it all went to hell. My iPod started locking up my home mac. Everything outside of iTunes seems to be fine although I haven't been using it as a drive since this all started. When I bring it into iTunes and drag songs over it takes about 2 mins for one song before it completely locks up...not only iTunes but my entire system so I either have to shut the mac down from the button in the back or i have to literally yank out the pod from the doc and 9 times out of 10 I'll have to restart anyway.

The past couple of days I've used disk utitlity and wiped it all cleaned as well as repaired it. After that I tried to sync it with Panther's sync, the good version...NOT iTUNES...and it copied over the address book ok but I got an error on iCal. So i tried it again and the second time was fine.

So I thought let me bring it back into iTunes. Nothing. Completely lock as it always did.

Last night I ever dumped the program as well as all of the prefs...everything outside of the library and xml library file. Still locking up.

I'm at a complete loss here. The hardware is under a year old and bringing it to Tekserve in NYC didn't bring any results. It worked on their mac and they don't fix them anyway. So I can send it in to Apple however they might not even find a problem with it.

This has only happened within the past 3 or 4 months. I've completely wiped out my drive, put Panther back on, and running nothing more than the Adobe Suite, pre CS, Dreamweaver, and all the rest native programs outside of Panic's Transmit.

I need help. Thanks in advance.


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    would using tiger, then panther, and then jaguar be a potential cause to your problem??? or would the different operating systems not matter? thats all i could think of it being...
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    It actually started back when I had Panther, the latest of the versions .9

    I thought maybe upgrading to Tiger would fix the problem but it didn't. Ultimately TIger was too unstable and i'm in the middle of producing a comic so I downgraded to be safe. This time completely wiping out the drive.

    To add to what I said above I haven't tried any other pods on it just because I don't want to take the risk of messing up somebody elses.

    I really think alot had to do with using it on Jaguar however IT has us locked out of iTunes completely. So it was just used as a drive.

    I feel like $300 just went in the toilet.
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    im sorry... i know that feeling.. i also feel like i spent an extra 100$ for nothing on my ipod which isnt a lot i know but for a kid w/ no job anymore b/c the store closed, then its kind of like eh.... and so b/c i bought the 20GB thinking ill need it when i start building up my music collection.. and then 6months l8r... im thinking.. well. the musics collection is building but im starting to think that i would get more use out of the ipod mini.. and so now im trying to sell mine b/c i dont use much. and i would get more use out of the mini... but enough said

    im sorry bout that, but yes, jaguar might be the problem at your job b/c they locked you out of it and that might have messed you up there... but if its still under the extended warrenty, i would bring it too apple, to themm the problem and see if they can fix it.. b/c it is internally..
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    Just found my receipt and I'm still good on the warranty so this weekend I'm bringing it back to the store. I just don't want to deal with it anymore.

    Does anyone know if apple exchanges for the same item (I know I have to pay the $30 fee because it's open) or do they give you credit in the store? Just curious.
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    sounds like a good idea.. would they give store credit if i brought in my current ipod that has no problems??
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