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I have a question for all iPod enthusiasts in this forum. I think my brother is getting me an iPod for my birthday coming up in August.

Now without being rude which iPod do you think is the best and one that I should sway him towards. I think he is probably going to get me the 20 GB iPod. Is there any advantage to getting the iPOD Video over the 20 GB version?

Also, one of my coworkers loves the DELL MP3 player he has and it is awesome, but I assume it isn't compatible with my MAC. I like the way you can scroll on it (it has raised buttons rather than the flat iPod circle) better than the iPod, but again I don't think it is compatible with my computer.

Also, are they going to come out with any updates on the iPod soon? I like the different colors on the smaller iPods (5 GB) but I would prefer more space that the 20 GB version provides. Also, what does the U2 version provide that the 20 GB doesn't? . Thanks for your help!

Chappy Sinclair


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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    There is no iPod video. Get the 20 GB if you just want to listen to music. If you want photos and whatnot, get the 30 GB iPod Photo.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    The iPod photo offers a color screen and the capability to store and display photos on the iPod's screen and when plugged into a TV or projector. If you don't have a need for these things because you don't have digital photos or just don't want the capability, then a regular iPod will work well for you.

    As far as the buttons and scroll wheels go, I can't speak about the Dell device, but the iPod's functionality is excellent. The fact that the buttons aren't raised isn't anything that impedes getting it to work well. I guarantee you that after you use it for just a little bit you will become quite efficient with it.

    I also can't say if the Dell player is compatible, but you could search Dell's Web site and find out. Obviously the iPod is perfectly compatible with a Mac.

    If you want to be able to buy music online and want that buying experience to flow smoothly into loading that music on your mp3 player, and/or you want lots of choices for accessories, choose an iPod. If you want a solid, well-made device that has an excellent interface, choose an iPod. You won't be disappointed.
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    skatmanskatman Posts: 609member

    Also, what does the U2 version provide that the 20 GB doesn't?

    Extra pain for your rear end after you fork over additional $$ to have Apple apply mechanical signatures belonging to a bunch of druggies on the back of your iPod.
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    i have a 20GB ipod b/c i thought i'd like the more space also... but 5-6months later, i'm pondering one day and ifind out that the 20GB is too much for my comfort and big like bulky in the pocker, ive been wearing mine on the outside... so now im trying to sell my 20GB ipod and the accessories it has and wanting to go to a smaller one like 4 or 6GB ipod... havnt figured it out exactly which one i wanted... but i know i want a mini...

    so my advice is, if you hav e a big collection and you want your entire collection w/ you, then go for the 20GB, but if your like me and have about 4-5GB worth of music and its growing go for the mini, save some money and such, thats what im doing... my music collection is growing at a nice comfortable rate but i dont need all my music w/ me.... i like to have enough music for a day or so and then i could always alternate playlists and such also...

    thats my suggestion, and my brother suggested i go for the mini and i was thinking that the 20GB would be better b/c i would be expanding my music, and now im thinking the opposite, and i dont need all my music w/ me... and now i want the mini..
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