What would a Intel move mean for...

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I created a new thread and merge it if you think it should be but I wanted to start this thread with the assumption that the move to Intel was a 'done deal' so no debates on that point. I really wanted to hear from those who would be in an educated position to know (Programmer and others who know the detailed workings of CPUish issues)

So that being said...

Lets assume (correctly or incorrectly) that Apple would be moving to an existing Intel class CPU (and not some 'special new fangled CPU' that Apple and Intel might cook up)

What would this move do for things like new Applications:

- Porting Games? (would it be easier? would they be faster?)

- Doing PC Emulation? (same questions as games - faster? easier?)

- Compiler Advantages? (Intel based compilers seem more optimized... yes?)

How about the majority of the existing apps?

- Would most 'normal' applications get an instant speed boost with a 'Compile for Intel'

- What types of Applications would benefit the most from this move?

- What types of Applications would suffer the most from this move? Altivec Apps??

Anyway... if anyone wants to chime in... I'm all ears!!

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