in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Ok I don't know much about how it should all fit together but can't apple differentiate itself by using a different motherboard. Perhaps one with a HUGE bus and killer bandwidth. then plop down 4 P4 chips and say Here is a kick ass OS with xgrid so that all of your other PC's will be able to tie in and use the crappy Dell's in the office pool to power the real computational needs of the rendering dept.

I am sure there is an xgrid client that will run seamlessly on anyone's PC with x86 archetecture. Thus if you are a university then you already have the infrastructure for a nifty new Mac Supercomputer. The PC's are merely extra clock cycles.

This may not be a bad thing. OS X is the Trojan horse. Now inside your PC and doing a better job of it than longhorn.

or, apple is doomed. \
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