Tiger on a 33mhz iMac G3?

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Is anyone running Tiger on a 300mhz iMac G3? The gumdrop design. How does it perform? Is there a noticable drop in performance/speed, or is it exactly the same as running Panther.

I currently have Panther on the machine.

My Mum is switching, but before she goes out and buys an iBook she wants to get used to OSX. I am going to give her my old iMac (I have gone up to a dual 2 G5), and plan on putting Tiger on it for her... but first I want to know that it will run fine enough for her.

I don't want to slow the machine down and scare her off of her first attempt at switching.



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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    should work ok.

    get lots of ram, and eventually put a 7200rpm HD to "boost" the performance.

    Not gonna really run Doom 3 well though... ;-)
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    fahlmanfahlman Posts: 737member
    Tiger is not officially supported on a 333MHz iMac. Tiger requires a computer with built-in FireWire. See here for officially supported computers. You can try XPostFacto to get it to run.

    ZO, don't you think he'd be better off getting a Mac mini than investing in a 7200 RPM hard drive and a ton of RAM?
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    ludwigvanludwigvan Posts: 458member
    A mod may want to change that subject line. We're not talking about 1980's hardware here.
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    tompputomppu Posts: 7member
    I have Tiger in my 266MHz iMac, soon to be my mothers first computer ever. Took the HD out, cram it into firewire enclosure and installed Tiger with supported mac. Runs fine, dashboard is slow (it's slow with this 500MHz iMac also) but in general the OS is about as fast as Panther. I really can't tell the difference in speed.

    The iMac mentioned has only 256MB RAM (all it could take) and 6GB stock HD (slow). Just max out the RAM and put some fast disk inside and you'll (and your mom) will be just fine


    EDiT: Of course I might add that your mileage may vary and how well the Tiger actually runs on the mac you have depends on what the user expects. It can be confusing for the switcher or newbie if computer doesn't seem to respond to her/his actions. But try it out, surely you can always go back to Panter if Tiger is too slow.
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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    if you want to invest 0 euros, you cold try and install Tiger as-is. Although, you might have some difficulty getting anywhere with a 6GB HD.

    You can buy a 20-40-60 GB 7200HD for peanuts (almost literally). Shouldnt be more than 20-30 euros, maybe even less if you want to get a 2nd hand one.

    RAM should be also a matter of 30-50 euros.

    In all, much cheaper than a MacMini AND you don't have to buy keyboard, mouse, monitor...

    On the other hand, dont expect to have it survive more than a couple years. The hardware will probably physically just die by then (battery dies, various glitches, etc).
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    I will probably just leave Panther on it. It is running fine as is. So why mess with it.... al tho when I finally get home (am living interstate) I am installing tiger straight away on my G5.

    Thanks everyone.
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