Burnable Folders

in macOS edited January 2014
OK, here's the deal,

I set up a number of burnable folders in OSX 10.4 to backup my iPhoto library and it all seemed to work fine but OSX seems to let you load up as many megabytes into a burnable folder as you like despite the fact that it knows I only have a ComboDrive - this isn't too much of a hassle but in 10.3 without burnable folders you could only drag as much data onto the disc folder as the disc could hold. So, I thought this was only a function of burnable folders so I tried to drag the files onto the disc but lo and behold it will accept as much data as you can throw at it only to tell you it's too big after you wait for the files to transfer to the disc folder. Am I doing something wrong or is this just what's happening on Tiger?

Also, when I drag somefolders into a burnable folder,it replaces the contents of that folder with copies of the top file, so when I tried to reload my documents onto my mac all I had was about 50 copies of the same document but under the names of the original documents, happened with text, pdf's, mp3's and AAC and was a bit of a shock to me, luckily everything was backed up on the iPod too.

Has anyone else had any troubles with burning CD's?

Sorry about the long postbut I figure it's best to be as informative as possible when asking for any help.


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