AFP Client for AIX?

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Are there any AFP (Apple File Protocol) clients for AIX? I need to share data from my OS X Samba Server (10.3.9) with an AIX client. Any ideas?

I dont think there is an SMB client for AIX right now. No "smbmount" commands exist on AIX, so Samba (client) is not an option. Right???

NFS wont work. It's against company policy. NFS is too unsecure and IBM is not supporting NFS much. AFP is my best option perhaps, assuming there is an AFP client for AIX.

I have heard that maybe there is an IBM tool in their own "mount" commands that will support SMB/CIFS?

What about Smitty? Is there any SMB client goodies in Smitty?


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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    Your best bet is probably going to be AFS (Andrew File System... not be be confused with AFP). OpenAFS has a AIX version.
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