The perfect idea for having both OS X on Intel Macs and Intel PCs

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Simply put: charge a premium for a version that will run on any x86 PC. People will buy, and that premium will make up for any loss of hardware sales.


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    jimdreamworxjimdreamworx Posts: 1,092member
    As long as that premium is the price of a Mac mini, great idea!
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    synosyno Posts: 33member
    I dont think apple is about making as much money as they can. i think there about making good products. yes dell makes alot of money but there is nothing special about dell pcs.
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    spindlerspindler Posts: 713member
    This is a good idea initially. If Apple was going to make $183.42 on the sale of an average piece of hardware then what's the difference whether they put OS X in a box and sell it for $183.42? Same profit.

    The only problem is piracy. If you sell one copy for a Dell machine, you may wind up with another 5 people using it for free. Right now, if you want to use a Mac, you have to pay for the initial hardware and Apple makes money. You may pirate the next OS that comes out, but Apple has some initial guaranteed revenue. As soon as you allow OS X to run on anything, you might gain one paying customer but lose 3 people who would have bought a Mac but will just pirate OS X instead.
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    The good thing about this is that it will explode the market share. If a ton of people pirate OS X, and bring the mac installed base to 30%, then you have something really amazing. All of a sudden everything needs to work with OS X because so many people have it. And as more people have it, more legit buyers will want to get it also. Microsoft could be replaced in months.
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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member

    Originally posted by syno

    I dont think apple is about making as much money as they can. i think there about making good products. yes dell makes alot of money but there is nothing special about dell pcs.

    Not quite... they really are about making as much money as they can !

    They just choose to do so by making good products

    I'm still bitter about not switching to Intel sooner.
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    s6275s6275 Posts: 19member
    WHAT IF...Apple says "Here, Mac OS 10.4 will run on your PC. And it's FREE."

    But NOT 10.5, and so on. PC users are stuck at 10.4. If you like it, join us on the Mac. If not, stick with 10.4, or Windows, FOREVER.

    That gives me chills.
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    aquamacaquamac Posts: 585member
    Brilliant! That will give the PC loves lots of ammo to say the macs are over priced.
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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    bad idea. As a Windows and Mac user I say:

    Keep MacOS protected from the Wild PC West and keep the formula of hardware+software deal alive!
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    well, i don´t think that selling os x to joe dell would be either wise or easy, because they would suddenly have to support an uncountable number of hardware configurations ... i don´t think they could do something like "yeah buddy, you can buy os x for your pc for $$$, but don´t bother us if your configuration is not working, because we can only provide drivers for our own hardware".

    personally i want os x be optimized to the bone for intellimacs, but not a generic strange brew that supports all kind of freak-configurations out there.
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    I think they shouldn't limit Mac OS X to just macs. They should design and support them just for macs, but allow 3rd party's to use it too. Market the added reliability of buying a Mac box, and you will have a small mac hardware market just like now, but overrun the software market, which is good for all of us.
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