Predictions on when Macintels arrive

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Although Steve said that Apple will have at least one Intel Mac available by WWDC 2006, and complete the transition by WWDC 2007, I think that things may move faster than many are saying. Looking at Intel's roadmap says a lot, and it really shouldn't take developers that long to create universal binaries. My predictions:

MWSF 06: Mac Mini (single core Yonah), iBook (low-voltage single core Yonah), PowerBook (dual-core Yonah/Merom)

WWDC/Apple Expo 06: iMac (dual core Yonah/Merom, dual-core 64-bit Conroe)

Leopard release: PowerMac (dual dual-core 64-bit Conroe), PowerBook (dual-core 64-bit Gilo)

Lots of processor info here: Endian
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