Apple . . . we have a problem!

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Is the next two years Apple's Odyssey, surviving on the sales of future PPC hardware? According to many folks, they are putting off a Mac purchase until Intel Macs arrive, or they expect to get the next round of PPC Macs at bargain basement prices.

Do you have a plan for Apple? So far, Apple has been acting like this is not a problem. Maybe Steve has something up his sleeve that we will hear about soon. I hope so. If not, maybe we can help them out with some constructive suggestions. I'm sure Apple always listens.

I'm not here to propose and defend a "solution" for Apple's woes. I'd just like to read what everyone else has to say on this subject, all confined to one compact thread. But I will prime the pump with a few thoughts.

The big uncertainty is how long tomorrow's, and even today's, PPC Macs will be supported by Apple and software developers. We just need to look at the last change of chips, from the 68K to PPC, to see why this is a concern. My 68K was junk in a very short time. Before I buy, I need some solid evidence that this scenario is not going to be repeated. Apple could pledge support of the PPC for a reasonable time frame, say to 2012 or five years after the last PPC is sold. That would work for me. This support would be for future versions of OS X and all Apple's application software. Steve could ask developers to make a similar commitment.

Another issue with buyers is the perception that the PPC is now obsolete, dead. I believe some Apple PR can change that. First acknowledge that the Power architecture is great. It's just that IBM and FreeScale are currently going in a different direction and don't have a roadmap of chips that will meet Apple's needs. Next, stress that once the Mac is fully transitioned to Intel chips, the Mac platform will support two CPUs, not jut one. Steve should state that he is not ruling out the use of some future PPC chip for special situations. He can then reemphasize that he really does like to have options.

Bonnes pensées. Have fun, I'll stay tuned.


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    kim kap solkim kap sol Posts: 2,987member
    I'm probably gonna buy a refurb G5. I mean, why not? They're still fast. And they'll have at least 2-3 years of life in them.

    I want to play H.264, games, emulation, and get CoreImage/Video stuff soon. I'm not gonna wait 2 years for that. What if I die in in 14 months?
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    g3prog3pro Posts: 669member
    I'm going to be getting a dual G5 pretty soon. It'll be used as a server. I will also be buying an macintel laptop.
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    The kind of people who wrote in to the Register are not typical of the market.
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    krispiekrispie Posts: 260member
    I don't understand why the Intel announcement makes a big difference to whether you purchase something now.

    If you need it now, buy it now. It's not as if it's going to stop working when Intel-compatible apps come out. And I suspect it'll be a LONG time before apps are Intel-only.

    People built 68k/PPC fat binaries for a long time after Apple's 68k production ceased.
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    objra10objra10 Posts: 679member
    Since we already have

    The Mac Buying Poll

    The "To Buy or Not to Buy" Official Thread (merged)

    and several others, there is no reason to have yet one more of these. Post over there if you like.
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