Next Powermac to have Intel and PPC inside ?

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I have been thinking about the problem Apple will eventually have in pushing the next and latest PowerPC revisions into unrealesed hardware in the near future.

Price reductions and significant horsepower improvements don+t seem seem to feel right cause they will never satisfy the "soon to be discountinued" effect on peoples minds.

So how about this ?

Apple starts to ship the latest machines, only on the PowerMac line, with BOTH G5 at 2.7 GHz + and Pentium 4 in daughter boards running at 3.6 GHZ.

This hibrid machine will satisfy both the impacient Intel- Mac buyers and will lure Wintel Curious to the platform. OSX available native for the two processors. MAchines could boot on either version and would also be perfect for development.

What do you think ?


Even Better .... Sell the Intel As an ADDON board for 599 USD!!

Just imagine ...dual g5 at 3 GHZ AND a Pentium 4 at 3.8 GHZ !


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    nathan22tnathan22t Posts: 317member
    i think no
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    gamblorgamblor Posts: 446member

    Originally posted by nathan22t

    i think no

    Seconded. The nay's have it.
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    auroraaurora Posts: 1,142member
    Apple should just do the switch unless obligated by contract, screw off IBM and Moto you've screwed apple for years now its our turn. Dont wait for 2007.
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