ROMs in Transition Boxes are not FINAL

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"Thursday June 09, 2005 11:01 PM EST

Posted by arn

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One dev mailing list post leaves the BIOS/Firmware question for upcoming Intel-Macs open:

We realize there are lots of folks that need to know what is going to be in the ROMs on these new machines, and what partition scheme will be used. Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to make that information available, but we will communicate it as soon as we reasonably can. Don't assume that what you see in the transition boxes represents what will be present in the final product."

Ignore the title of the original article it seems that this is not really tied to Bios.

NOT yet in a position to make that information available ???

Special security ROMS for subscription iTunes MACchines ?!?!?!

WiMax ROMs ???



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    EFI perhaps?
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    vinney57vinney57 Posts: 1,162member
    Move along, nothing to see.
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    Well, duh. This is not news.
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    macchinemacchine Posts: 295member
    This is why, as I suppected, its all about the Nokia/Intel alience for WiMac...

    The Mac/s are going to have WiMac built in...

    ...opps, I meant WiMax !!!

    Why not a Mac Mini thin client that requires WiMacx to boot and uses your HD TV for a monitor, and serves the normal cable TV media to it.

    Then they could enable the iPod dock on the Mac Mini and you could take your videos with you.

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