The boy (Steve) who cried wolf

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
I have been watching these threads for a couple of years (including waiting out the missing 8 months or so)I am amazed at how jaded everyone is by apple's hype machine. It is as if apple has cried wolf too many times and now the villagers (you guys) are not coming to help.

Apple is going to have an impressive hardware presentation in SF next week, by any standard. -And impressive does not mean 1ghz G3 imacs and 1.4 ghz g4. The spin they are putting on Macworld is too fast and severe for this to be a "hey, hey, looky here at this neato new computer we are is faster than the last one we made..." Apple will never again be able to turn on the hype machine unless they deliver something really big this time.

How do I know this? -Well I don't, but this is really crunch time for apple. They can't ring all the alarms and cry wolf this time and ever expect to have anyone listen again.

Personally, I think there will be the obvious new machines and software, but there will be new devices (plural)that are way beyond the box.(no pun intended on the cube)

So what is it? Honestly, some of the far fetched ideas being thrown around here (time machine not withstanding) probably have much more merit than they are given.


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