nero img files on toast/other?

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Is anyone able to succefully burn a Nero image file (.nrg) file on ANY mac app.? (DVD 4.4GB size)

Toast appears to support it, and treats it similarly to an .iso file. I get error result code of -50 (MacOS error) in the middle of the attempt.

Also, the shareware app DiskBlaze claims to directly burn .NRG files along with the usual. No luck there, either. It starts out and then just hangs (program continues, drive stopped).

I've also tried renaming the file with .iso extension. And setting toast to manually find the packet lenght (2048?). Toast then makes it all the way through before giving the same error.

any suggestions/options appreciated. (minus, "run nero on a PC")


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    ...if anyone cares.

    toast 6.1 was able to mount the .nrg (wouldn't in 6.0.3). Then I used mactheripper on the mounted disc to extract the data. then back to toast to burn that video_ts. And it worked.

    nero sucks and pc's suck. thank you, and goodnight.
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