Taking advantage of the iPod settlement

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I got my iPod battery lawsuit settlement paperwork last week. You just have to send it in with proof of purchase. I'm going to take the $50 Apple store credit.

Anyone else doing this?


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    I sent the claim form for my 2Gen iPod in on 6-8-05. I also requested the $50 store credit. I really appreciate Apple making the claim process very straightforward.

    My iPod was getting about 3-hours on a good day, so I ended up replacing the battery with one of Newer's high capacity one, which gave much better than new performance.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    My iPod mini is now getting about 3+ hours on a charge, but I don't qualify, so too bad for me. Bought the AppleCare for it as I could get the battery swapped twice plus cover any other problems.
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    I got the papers too...

    So if I have recieved 7 ipod replacements and have paperwork for each and every one (each with a different serial). Should I copy all 7 forms???
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