Windows Longhorn (ha ha)

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hi i wasa wondering around the net and i remebered a web site i use to vist when i was a windows user and i thought you guys might like to check it again?

well i know that this site is nothing new to a lot of you as you prob read the tiger and latest longhorn review from it but i would like you to go and look at the vids under the windows longhorn section.

i now steve told them a year ago to copy Tiger but this is rediculas the only thing they have witch i like and is not a direct rip off of ours is:

1) glass looking winodws come one apple give us this choose it would rock on os x

2) morphing icons in the menu bar when going over the application name i like that

but all in all friggen now scooples at all?

but may be by looking at we got now and were there going to be we can see were apple is heading iturms of OS

any thoughts?

here is the link


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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    This doesn't belong in Future Hardware.
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    well may be not but is has got something to do with the future as there is not section called the next os I think its good here but also the os dictates the look and function of the next Mac hardware CPU's aside were we heading?

    so think MAC OS leopard and then Mac os 11 what then and what hardware need for it and when will that be lots of question asked but can you find the answers
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    Moving to General Discussion...
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    derekderek Posts: 50member
    ha ha is right, that looks like a joke, all copyied.

    not near as much of an upgrade as i thought, looks like Windows XP Enhanced. It wont be able to run as smooth as it looks on some PC's with all the graphics and transparentcy especially with the integrated graphics.

    Virtual Folders = Smart folders

    Search = Spotlight

    I thought there were going to make all new OS with new start menu and task bar.. but just a Enhanced version of XP.
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    I dunno, I would like it

    I'm getting bored of mac os x... Simply because THERE'S NOTHING GOING WRONG WITH IT! I usually keep myself entertained by doing some virus check/spyware scans and a couple defrags every now and then... Or the occasional error messages...
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    not even a upgrade to windows xp its M$ OS longcopy

    man they have some cheek but i don't care it meens there needing to copy we just invent but i hate the idea there going to get away with it?
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    i like to say to peaple that there is nothing rong with m$ windows its for a diffrent breed of peaple that like to live on the edage have there life unprodictbale is my PC going to start? will it crash in the middle of my text document? wow that spy were gave me a good reason to reformat for the fith time this month.

    windows for a diffrent kind of user stay on your toe's
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    ensign pulverensign pulver Posts: 1,193member

    Originally posted by Black_Dragon

    windows for a diffrent kind of user stay on your toe's

    Stay on your toe's what?
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member

    Originally posted by Ensign Pulver

    Stay on your toe's what?

    Your funny.
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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
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    you know Windows is not that bad, my main reason for switching really are Spotlight and Dashboard, they make life so mcuh simpler, and safe time.

    Also the integration of iLife is great, and that MacOSX does not crash as much as windows much more stabler and often faster

    Then there is also the advantage of Spyware and Viruses but this does not bother me at all. I run AntiVirus and Firefox and do not have a single Spyware or Virus on my PC.

    Can you thnk of other reasons, (really good reasons i.e. design of OS and hardware are a reason but not really a huge reason to switch.)
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