Other than M$ Office for OS X

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I've been using Mandrake Linux on my iMac for about 6 months now and the office software contained therein. Supposedly, Linux software should compile and work on OS X just fine. But are there any Open-Source office suites designed for OS X? I refuse to purchase any more Microsoft Products on account of their draconian licensing terms for XP.


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    Somone is suposed to be doing a version of Open Office, but I havent heard about it for ages.

    AppleWorks will work in OSX but it's incredibly poor. It was a Very early Carbon app.
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Hancom Office will be out for X soon. It's multi platform, windows, OS X, linux etc but only the linux version is out.

    I think it's <a href="http://www.hancom.com."; target="_blank">www.hancom.com.</a> It's cheap too.
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    I believe Star Office will run in OS X if you are using a Unix File System?

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