Mac Newbie: question using Mac on Novell network

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I am a one-day old Mac newbie (I switched!) and have a question regarding Apple's ability (hopefully not lack of ability) to work on a Novell network.

I don't speak Networkeeze, so pardon the vagueness and imprecision of my question.

I work at a hospital that used Novell as its network client. Solely for the purposes of gaining internet access, I am going to contact the folks in IS/IT to assist me. Sinnce they aren't accustomed to supporting Macs, I wanted to do a little research so I can "assist" them with what I am sure is a very scary request for them.

With my current (windows) notebook, I have internet access via an ethernet connection. As far as I can determine, no Novell software was installed on my computer when they configured my notebook. (I do nothing else with the hospital-wide network other than access the internet).

Fortunately I have a good relationship with the IT department, so I am pretty sure they'll be willing to help me. Just wanted to get some general info before calling them...

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