PowerBook not recognizing Lacie USB Hard drive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an 80GB Lacie external USB hard drive that I had been using with my Windows notebook before Switching(TM) 24 hours ago.

When I plug the drive into either of the two USB ports (15" PowerBook), the Mac doesn't recognize the drive as being attached. The small orange LED light is lit.

I checked the Lacie website, and according to the information there, no drivers are needed for OSX (or WIndows for that matter).

Any ideas? I'm wondering if it isn't getting enough power from the USB port. (The drive has an input for an optional AC adapter, but since it's optional, I don't have it...)


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    geekdreamsgeekdreams Posts: 280member
    It probably can't read the FAT32-formatted drive. But that's just a guess.
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    That's not a bad thought.

    Here's a question: Is there any way I can use this drive to transfer Word documents from my WIN notebook to the Mac? (I am assuming that Word for Mac can read Word for Windows files).

    I was also hoping to use it to transfer photos and mp3s to the Mac...
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