I can't calibrate my display suddenly

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"Cannot Calibrate, the factory profile for the display could not be found"

I had calibrated my display to have a warm colour so that it wasn't so bright at night. When I switched from one user, and then back to mine the display is showing it's native or regular brightness. What happened? I can't change it back.

This is a 20inch iMac, rev B.

Someone's help would be great, the display is a bit too bright right now!



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    c2poonc2poon Posts: 38member
    Hi guys,

    Nevermind, I just rebooted my iMac and all is well now. But hey, that was really strange. Perhaps that was a bug which needs some fixing???

    I'm a Mac newbie here, so this is my first Mac experience. I hope the Tiger updates coming up will make it more reliable. I have already encountered several bugs.

    But hey, this is one seXy computer!
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    When in doubt, reboot. If that does not work, reboot with the shift key held down (Safe Boot)...then tweak your settings.
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