How do i install a screensaver on OSX 10.4

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I am trying to install a screensaver on my powerbook (osx 10.4) but i cannot figure out what to do with this hqx file, i searched and searched, what am i missing here?


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    spyderspyder Posts: 170member
    You should just have to double click on it, and Stuffit Expander will open and decompress it. After it decompresses, you can just double click on the .saver item and an install box will pop up asking you if you wish to install it just for you, or for all users. Make your choice then voila.

    If for some reason you don't have stuffit expander, get it here. Don't worry about the ratings, or the shareware label.

    Edit: Just found the free version of expander. If you just need to expand, then this is all you need. Click.

    Wo dude, you're in Orlando. I'm currently living in both Naples and Winter Park. Do you go to Fullsail by any chance?
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    junkyard dawgjunkyard dawg Posts: 2,801member
    You can also install it manually by puttig the .saver module into ~/Library/Screen Savers (where "~" is your Home directory). Then open system preferences and go to the Desktop & Screen Saver pane, and you'll see the new saver in the list.

    You can also put the .saver file in the /Library/Screen Savers folder in the root directory. This would be better if the computer has multiple users and you want the saver to work for all of them.
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    neosenneosen Posts: 8member
    thanks for the help, i forgot to install stuffit after format/tiger
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