dashboard widgets extensibility

in General Discussion edited January 2014
okay, not sure how else to title this thread, but i was wondering if things such as flash could be embedded within a dashboard widget. sure, it would require the flash plug-in installed, and dashboard would need to be able to find that plug-in, but i was just curious.

i ask because i am curious how far the "a widget is just a web page" actually goes. plus, it drives me nuts that i can't resize widgets. marquee, for example, is great until you have to look at a 20 screen theater on that 4-at-a-time interface. sure, there are smaller theaters, and you wouldn't want it taking up a lot of screen real estate, but geez, how hard could it be to add the ability for resizing to widgets? yet i can't think of a single widget that does. i was thinking if you embedded flash content into a widget placeholder shell, you could add resizing that way...

plus, what other techs can you embed into widgets? could you have them display quicktime trailers? i could see someone making a drive-in looking shell to pull the most recently added quicktime trailers for you to view without having to go to apple.com.
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