burning files to DVD? a simple process?

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hey everyone,

ive got 3.5GB of files id like to burn to DVD. I dont want them to be readable on a DVD player (cause they're not movies), all i want is to store them on a DVD.

Now, im assuiming this will be a simple process. Simply insert a blank DVD-R, drag the files on and click burn... somewhere. Am i right in thinking this?

Im using OS 10.4.1.

thanks for your time


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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    Yes, if you do have a DVD burner. If I'm not terribly mistaken, ejecting the DVD icon should present you with a dialog box asking you for a confirmation.

    Edit: Mac Help claims there is a menu item in the Finder - File > Burn Disc... Sure enough, there is.
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