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I am going to be buying my first Mac wednsday because I need it. Wheres the best place to get 1gb of ram and what kind?

how is this


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    Try www.memoryx.com.

    I've ordered stuff from here and had it delivered to Germany/UK/Australia and New Zealand.

    Pretty Cheap and has always worked fine.

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    im looking for a 1gb stick for the 1.25 and crucial seems to come through ith both a good price and reputation

    Any comments on this machine:

    Mac mini:


    1gb Ram

    Faster 80gb HD

    Airport Extreme

    Current stuff: Apple Keyboard/Logitech MX500 Mouse/Belkin 5Port USB Hub/Emachine 17" flat CRT Monitor
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    Newegg is a very reliable company, I have used Kingston ValueRam and Rosewill memory in my mini, both worked fine. With current memory prices, go with the 1gb stick.

    alliancep.s.i, is the faster 80gb hard drive you refer to an external drive?
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    According to reports I've read here and there,

    the 40G drive is actually an OEM version of a SeaGate 5400RPM w/ 2MB cache

    the 80G drive is actually an OEM version of a Hitachi 4200RPM w/ 8MB cache.

    I am going to go with the 80gb drive justin case i save a lot of stuff.

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    so i ordered it

    mac mini 1.42 w/ aiport extreme

    1gb kingston ram that im gona have to install
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