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Hey all:

My sister-in-law called me because she is going to buy a new comp. Even though I'm still stuck on a windows pc I convinced her to get a Mac. We are both pretty casual computer users so I wasn't sure how to help her but...her questions were about using her Mac as a television. She wants her machine to a multipurpose machine. What does she need to make her computer able to display television? And she's trying to decide between a mini, imac or one of the notebook macs. Any input would be much appreciated.




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    onyx-pbonyx-pb Posts: 26member
    My macMini (1.42 with 1Gb) is my television! I've got an elgato eyeTV 400 that lets me watch/record the freeview channels.

    Recording TV uses disk space at about 2Gb per hour and I have stored quite a few programs (TV) on an external drive (160Gb usb2 interface) I would have preferred a firewire external drive but the eyeTV uses the only firewire port and I wasn't keen on spending the money only to find out that the TV unit and the HD were fighting over firewire bandwidth. That said the USB drive seems to keep up with things (it can even record a TV program while I'm watching a previously recorded on... providing I don't have the live tv window open).

    I sometimes have problems with the elgato software not seeing the external drive but restarting eyeTV sorts it out - I'm not laying the blame on the elgato software... it could be the usb drive! I previously had the elgato attached to my G4-Sawtooth with 160Gb internal drive an never had a problem.

    I was going to buy the Apple 20" display but ended up going for a much cheaper 19" lcd. The widescreen ratio of the apple would probably have been better for watching DVD's but the 19" is ok for TV thanks to elgato's ability to change aspect ratio on the fly.

    I've got an 8000+ song library in iTunes that I can play via my hi-fi thanks to the dinky little airport express. Sound from elgato / DVD goes to a set of Harmon Kardon soundsticks + sub woofer.

    Hope this helps
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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    i posted a topic about TV on Mac but nobody replied

    check out an app called iTele that allows you to watch/record DTV & HDTV through media players such as VLC, MPlayer etc.

    The app uses the MultiMedia Input drivers which work for the followin devices:

    * DPandA DVB-T (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t PCI (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t USB (Terrestrial USB box (only the USB1.1 version, not the USB2.0 version yet))

    * Hauppauge WinTV Nova-s PCI (Satellite PCI card)

    * Hauppauge WinTV Nova-s USB (Satellite USB box (2003-4 models))

    * Lorenzen DVB-T PCI (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T1 (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV 3 ATSC Gold (Terrestrial and Cable ATSC (North American/Korean) PCI card)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV 3 ATSC Gold-T (Terrestrial and Cable ATSC (North American/Korean) PCI card)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T Plus (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-S (Satellite PCI card)

    * Hauppauge DEC 2000-T (Terrestrial USB set top box (incompatible with iTele))

    * TechniSat SkyStar 2 PCI (Satellite PCI card (some bugs remain))

    * TerraTec Cinergy T2 (Terrestrial USB2 box)

    * TwinHan DTV Ter / VisionPlus 3020/3021 (Terrestrial PCI card)

    * TwinHan MagicBox II (Terrestrial USB2 box)

    * DigitalNow tinyUSB2 DVB-T (Terrestrial USB2 box)

    * DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T USB (Terrestrial USB2 box)

    * Ultraview DVB-T Plus (Terrestrial PCI card)

    i will be purchasin a DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T shortly for my Quicksilver so i will let you know how that goes
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