Just got Tiger, now printer won't work..Help?

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I just bought Tiger and loaded it on my G4 imac, doing a clean install. Everything is fine, but i can't get my printer to work. I have a Photosmart P1100.

The imac recognizes my printer, but when you try to choose drivers, you click hp, go down the list, and no Photosmart printers are in the list.

I downloaded the printer driver for OS X from HP, and it is on my desktop, but I cannot open it. It says on the HP website to use "Stuff-it expander", but I do not think Tiger has that anymore.

My printer just prints gobblelygook.

My printer worked fine with panther.

Could someone please walk me through what I have to do to get my printer to work?



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    fahlmanfahlman Posts: 694member
    Download StuffIt Expander here.
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    Dear fahlman,

    Thank you. After I posted, I did download stuff it expander and found out I still needed to do more. I called a mac buddy, and he told me that he had a simular problem, and that he thought it was a Tiger problem. I did what he told me to do , and now it works fine.

    This is what I did.

    1) delete all the printer drivers Tiger loads on for you...he said they do not work.

    2) then download the one I needed from hp, expand it and then it worked.

    The only problem I still have is when I log on, the dumb HP setup assistant starts and tells me I really need to walk through the thing.....I do not think I want to do this, since the printer is now working fine, and I do not want to risk screwing it up.

    Should I do this setup thing, just so it won't come back, or try to delete it so it stops appearing every time I log on??

    Thanks !

    Frank D.
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    fahlmanfahlman Posts: 694member
    I don't know what the setup assistant is going to do, but my guess would be that letting it do its thing would be ok.
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    formerlurkerformerlurker Posts: 2,686member
    HP's software Bites the Big Burrito.

    Hopefully you've learned from the experience and will buy another brand next time.

    You should find the HP Setup Ass. in the Login items in the Accounts pref pane.
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    Thanks guys.

    I did find the setup assistant, decided to try to move it to the trash, did it, and it hasn't been back.

    Printer is working well, faster then before. It's an old HP P1100.........just won't die........

    I like the sererate clear ink cartridges of the newer Canon's, although I have not researched what is really out there.

    Tiger now seems to work well, just got to learn more about it now...

    Thanks again! Frank D.
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