SprintPCS and my dis-satisfaction.

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As if my very poor service wasnt bad enough, I have been getting text messages selling me vision, which I already have!!!! I called and talked to a rep who said there may be something I can do, likely for a fee (the money sucking bastards) then (s)he hung up on me. I call back and the guy I got told me that there was absolutely nothing I can do because it is a third party partner that Sprint doesnt control, I said something like "you may want to start controlling them." I mentioned that on top of this, I was getting no signal anywhere I am and I want to get out of my contract, he said that there is NO way out without paying a $150 fee.

I hate this crap, I cant make a phonecall when i need to, I get text messages that I dont want them.

I want to go out and get a phone that "just works", I am in college,I cannot justify paying for crappy service, but I shouldnt have to pay my way out of it.

I bought the phone outright - no rebaits, nothing, I paid $250 for a pretty basic phone (dont ask why...long story) I shouldnt have to pay to get out of my contract when the service is this crappy.


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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    i wonder where you are located. Right now I am living in Brooklyn with a SprintPCS phone with a Minneapolis phone number. It has been so reliable that I cancelled my landline some months ago. I have never encountered a dead spot except deep inside buildings or in the Subway. Travelling is a piece of cake because its free no matter which city I am in. The interstates are almost totally covered from sea to shining sea (I can vouch for this). Free calling to other Sprint users (my girlfriend and parents).

    The only downside I have found is that their selection of phones is crap... why does everything have to be that crappy flip phone shit?!! Would it kill them to use Sony-Erikson phones?
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Heh. I work at a mobile company and just a month ago I had to handle a complaint from a customer. The standard thing here is, if don´t have coverage where you live or you work AND the sales persons told the coverage was perfect, then we can cancel your contract and you keep your phone for free or a very small amount (small compared to how much we have subsidized it).

    Well this guy wanted out of the contract because there were two spots we didn´t cover. One was a certain spot along the sea beneath a steep cliff and the other was a 20 kilometer band along the german-polish boarder
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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    I actually find Sprint (in Chicago) quite reliable. I had AT&T Wireless before (prior to being bought by Cingular) and that totally sucked. I liked one thing about AT&T that I dislike about Sprint: namely SIM cards. Why can't I have my own SIM card so that I can just swap out the card when I want a new phone?
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    skatmanskatman Posts: 609member
    On the West Coast, AT&T is the way to go.

    Sprint sucks here big time!
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    Originally posted by skatman

    On the West Coast, AT&T is the way to go.

    Sprint sucks here big time!

    I can vouch for that. When I was stationed at Whidbey Island, Washington, ATT Wireless was the best. I haven't seen service that good since then.
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