July 7th

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According to MOSR:


Apple has announced a press event, presumably to release new products, for July 7th. The last time a similar event was announced, Apple introduced the iPod Photo; this time around, new iPod and Shuffles are expected, some news relating to Apple's mobile phone initiatives, and at least one updated Mac product. Expect in-depth coverage as the event draws near!

I could not find this mentioned anywhere else. Anybody hear anything about this?


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    vinney57vinney57 Posts: 1,162member
    There are a few sites suggesting this but they could all be referencing each other. It wouldn't be a surprise though; after the Macintel news fans and analysts need some new hype to chew on, and the iPod franchise needs a boost. Usual storage bumps to iPods (40, 60, 80, all Photo?), minis and shuffles. Is it the right time for the iPod PVR? Mobile iTunes is a definite.
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    jms698jms698 Posts: 102member
    ... and an updated iBook
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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    Check out the front page of this sight: AppleInsider

    I always check it first and enter these forums from there.
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