Buying a new powerbook, but...

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Buying a new powerbook, but should I wait for dual-core? I never thought that I would go and buy a PB at this point in time, but I need it for biomedical research. Heavy in computation. Would dual-core help very much?

If there will be updates soon, when will they reveal them? November?

BTW, do Moto/IBM/Freescale still have their heads up their asses with power consumption? I've got a feeling that the dual-cores won't help with that... do they have power-management features planned for the future?

Thanks for the help.


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    cj171cj171 Posts: 144member
    dual core is looking unlikely at the moment...

    soonest thing is probably a slight speed bump so the ibook isn't stepping on its toes when it gets bumped (hopefully soon)

    I got a used 1ghz powerbook to tide me over til the intels (probably rev 2)
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    objra10objra10 Posts: 679member
    In light of the 9 other threads on this and related topics in the last couple of weeks, this thread is closed.
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