Migration Assistant or CCC???

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Hey all!

Just bought myself a 17" beast of a powerbook!! (Homer style WOOHOO!!)

I want to move everything to my new powerbook from my old 12" iBook and was wondering which is better the Apple migration assistant or carbon copy cloner???

Both will be running 10.4.1

iBook G4 800MHz 640RAM

Powerbook G4 1.67GHz 512RAM (getting a gig stick ...fur sure)

What exactly does each one copy?? (how "deep" does it go) I mean appart from addresses and settongs how about software packages and the registration keys, and even icons?

I know that CCC is not "officially" compatible with Tiger and I also know that you have to have the exact same verion of OS to copy successfully using CCC (and also to deauthorize the itunes songs so they will transfer aswell)

What about the mig. Assistant??

Any thoughts, experience, and even step by step guides (for CCC) are truly welcome and appreciated!!



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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I've tried a number of Tiger upgrade paths and I found the migration assistant to be the most painless method. Anything that isn't copied by the migration assistant is likely something that'd need special handling anyhow (like my PHP5 and MySQL packages).
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