Connection ended for lack of activity

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Some of my work requires me to be online, working with a dial-up connection. I often have to peruse a website, type some stuff in Word, peruse the website some more, et cetera.

If I don't actually load a new page in something like twenty minutes, my PowerBook G4 automatically severs the dialup connection. I know this is my computer, and not the modem pool's fault, because it doesn't happen with my old Dell. How can I ensure that it keeps a connection so I don't have to keep re-dialing in, even if there's no internet activity for 20 minutes or so?


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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    Hmm, I had this kind of problems with my dial up connection. It was impossible to load large files with it. Even if I was there, the connection ended at one time or another.

    Dial up sucks.

    Now you should check in your dial up panel, if there is not an option that switch off the connection after a time of inactivity.
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    spindlerspindler Posts: 713member
    As Powerdoc said above, choose the Network preference pane in System Preferences. From the second menu from the top that says "Show" choose Internal Modem and click on the PPP tab and then the PPP options tab at the bottom. There is an option that says Disconnect If Idle for X Minutes.
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    mitlovmitlov Posts: 131member
    Awesome! Thanks!
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