Block Specific Internet Annoyances...

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So I know that you can get a CSS file to block most ads from ever appearing, or from being animated (By the way, what is the best one?)

But I want to get smart since I read a lot of my friend's blogs - and block certain music files. I like the generic ones that Quicktime can read, but the Real and WMP files I want to block... and suggestions on doing that?

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    mandricardmandricard Posts: 486member
    Try PithHelmet. It does wonders for me.


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    spindlerspindler Posts: 713member
    The most prominent feature of the OmniWeb browser is that it allows very specific customization of how sites are displayed and you can choose preferences for each individual site. If you really want to customize your experience, you can try OmniWeb for free for 30 days. It's at
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