my guess for July 7th

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As memory serves me, SJ missed the back-to-school market last year due to the limited supply of G5s and certainly he will not miss this years. Therefore, SJ will introduce something for the educational market.

My first guess is that he will introduce a new eMac with an Intel processor inside. My main reason is that the eMac has a large chassis to support a generic motherboard and a large heatsink that follows the P4 without much redesigning. They already have OSX running on Intel board, so why not? Schools like eMac better since they are harder to walk away.

My second guess is that SJ will introduce an iBook with an Intel processor inside. Since Apple has revealed Asustek is building the next generation of iBook and Asustek already have their own laptop line, the two companies could have worked out something before the deal was announced.

My third guess has nothing to do with the educational market and it is a long shot. Apple Computers and Apple Records settle their differences and they launch the iPod Beatles. Come on, the Beatles has to come into the digital market, they mind as well do it with some STYLE! With an iPod and the Complete Beatles ready for download. I wonder how many songs would the Complete Beatles contains...

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    vinney57vinney57 Posts: 1,162member
    0 for 3... good post.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I think using iPod to lure in students is brilliant. If you're shopping for a computer and want an iPod too, now's one of the best times to buy a Mac!

    Meanwhile, July 7th should be all about the infamous iPhone. If its like my v551 but with a snappier, iPod-esque interface, I'll be jealous. While I already have an iPod mini, there are times when I'd love to just cary my phone around along with a couple of albums. My one complaint about my motorola phone is that the interface is cryptic and somewhat unresponsive.
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    dhagan4755dhagan4755 Posts: 2,152member
    This is the appropriate thread for the July 7th speculation.
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