My confession requires data recovery

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I need to confess a mistake--perhaps a stupid mistake. I just returned from Europe where I took 1,500 RAW images with my Canon 1D MKII. I downloaded them to my iPod Photo then transferred them to my Powerbook and C1 software. I then backed up (so I thought) to my Lacie hard drive. Since I was running out of space on the Powerbook and I thought I had backed up to the Lacie, I felt free to delete from the Powerbook and from the iPod (primarily because I couldn't select the file to download, but had to download the entire iPod at once).

Now the question. What is the best way to attempt to recover these RAW files from the iPod or the Powerbook? I covet your help. Thanks.......


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    I've had good success on 2 occasions with Data Rescue X.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Also, to maximize your chances, try not to do anything with the machine until you start the data rescue. Anything you do could result in saving something else over the "freed" disk space.
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    Data Rescue did not help me......Does anyone know how to recover data on my iPod Photo. I haven't touched it since I deleted the files.
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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    Did you try Content Scan in Data Rescue? I accidently deleted a bunch of photos once and Data Rescue didn't find anything with the regular scan, but it found just about all of them with a Content scan.

    As for the iPod, have you tried Data Rescue on that? It's just another hard drive.

    Hate to tell you this, but if Data Rescue can't find them your chances of recovery are pretty slim unless you pay the big bucks to get one of those drive recovery places to do it. Even then you may be out of luck.
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    Thanks Russ, I will try content scan on the hard drive in the Powerbook then Data Rescue and Photorescue on the iPod.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I've tried this before and it found a bunch of JPEG's. Don't know about RAW, but you can give it a try.
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    Dumb question, but have you since re-used the flash card from the camera? Or were you constantly uploading to the iPod while in Europe? I've had some good luck recovering deleted photos from a flash card, as long as the data hasn't been overwritten...
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    Unfortunately, I have overwritten the Flash Card a couple of times, but I still have two or three more things to try before estimating the cost of this educational adventure.
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