How do I repair a damaged application (iPhoto)?

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I'm a Mac Newbie(TM)

I'm not sure what I did (or didn't do), but when I attempt to launch the iPhoto application, I get the error message: "You cannot open the applic ation iPhoto because it may be damaged or incomplete."

How do I restore/repair iPhoto?



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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Unhelpful sarcastic remark deleted - JL
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    I know that...I just don't know how to reinstall just iPhoto. I've got the two installation discs, but can't locate iPhot on them. (My sophistication with the Mac at this point is pretty limited, so I'm just sort of shooting in the dark...)
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    mpmoriartympmoriarty Posts: 289member
    What two disks do you have?
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    iPhoto should be on the iLife disk.

    The way I have seen this problem occur is if people take Apple applications out of the Applications folder and put them someplace else (e.g., a subfolder of the Applications folder). If you then update, Apple's updaters are not that smart and end up leaving you with two partial applications. I have had this happen to me a couple times.
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    Thanks. I am sure that's exactly what I did...

    I ended up finding some instructions on the Apple website how to reinstall the "bundled applications". And now iPhoto seems to be working okay. I guess I'll just keep it in the root Application folder...
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