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Hello again, another question for all the experienced people. Currently I am using Safari for internet browsing, but I want something to get rid of pop-ups. What do you reccomen? Firefox? Or is there a good ad blocker, I use the google tool bar on my PC and that works like magic, but its only for PC.

Also I am looking for an all inclusive media player to open all sorts of video, and audio etc. With all the codecs etc. Any suggetions would be helpful, even if it is a program that you need to purchase.

And lastly, I have a Dell DJ which I love. Unfortunetly Itunes dosn't like it, and its normal program (musicmatch) dosn't work on mac. So does anyone know of a program which can catigorize and upload to my portable mp3 player?

Thank you all for your time and concern...


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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    Have you turned on the pop up blocker in Safari?

    Another option is to install PithHelmet which will give you a bit more control on what gets through.
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    bergzbergz Posts: 1,045member

    Originally posted by Rdubwilkins

    to get rid of pop-ups.

    an all inclusive media player

    Block Pop Up Windows is something you can select in the Safari Menu at the top of the screen when you open Safari.

    VLC or Mplayer are the big two. Find them, and a whole bunch of other software at and

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