Two Problems in iTunes 4.9 and one solution

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Hello. I have had two problem so far with 4.9 and i was able to fix one of them but not the other. I thought i would share the one i fixed for anybody else

The first was that one of the podcast (Dawn and Drew Show) was not updating. It turns out they had changed their feed URL and iTMS didn't recognize it. I added the URL manually to iTunes and it worked. I learned how to add it by listening to the MacCast.

For the second problem, I subscribed to a podcast and would like to go back and download some, but not all, older shows. The problem is, the shows i want are too far back and are not displayed. I would just download them from the website but i want iTunes to know they are podcast and have that functionality



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    Unfortunately, there's not an easy solution to your second problem, because iTunes must parse an RSS feed to download the files into the Podcasts section of iTunes. Of course, the original site's RSS feed is not displaying those older shows, so it's of no use to you.

    My suggestion: build your own RSS feed in TextEdit (perhaps download the original feed to your hard drive first and just modify it) with links to the older shows you'd like to download.

    Put this file in your /~Username/Sites/ folder and turn Personal Web Sharing on in System Preferences. Load up http://localhost/~Username/feed.rss in your web browser to make sure it works.

    Then choose Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast... in iTunes and paste in the URL to your locally-hosted RSS feed. iTunes will parse the data, add it to the Podcasts section, and begin downloading those old shows you wanted.

    Good luck!
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