Safari 1.3 Problem with WebTycho

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I am having trouble (and so is WebTycho support at University of Maryland University College) getting their online instruction client WebTycho to run with Safari 1.3. Everything worked fine when I was running X.3 with 1.2 but in the course of my upgrade (first to X.3.9 on my G4^3 and X.4 on my Al Powerbook the page hangs at the point where it is checking for Java compatiblity. This never happened before!

The proferred solution from UMUC WebTycho support? Use Netscape! or download and use Safari 1.2 Of course, the link they give to the Apple download Safari 1.2 page is dead as that is no longer available from Apple!

Anybody else here encountered this kind of trouble? I am particularly fumed by the idea that I might have to use Netscape (with all its miserable pop-ups)-- I already told the Univeristy of Maryland folks that the first pop-up I get is for their rival online world rival at instruction "University of Phoenix," but nobody's bitten yet.

This did not seem to me a "Genius Bar" level problem, but more sort of, "anyone else in the same boat" kind of question. I'll hang on and hope someone has an idea.

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