Newbie ?: gaining access to Hospital IS application via Mac

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I work in a hospital and one of the remaining goals I have in completing The Switch(TM) is gaining access to our information system. I know next to nothing about networking so apologies in advance for putting forth what is probably an unanswerable question.

Regarding "Windows for Mac" (or whatever it is called)? I am curious what kind of programs will work on it. I was wondering if our hospital's information system (Meditech) would work on it. It's not a Windows program per se, but some sort of DOS or terminal emmulation application. On my PC (with the small application installed) I could access it at work via the (Ethernet) network and at home via VPN or dialup.

There is a dedicated program for Meditech use on the Mac (MediOSX,) but it is rather expensive and was wondering if the more broadly useful Windows for Mac might work...
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