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Hey everyone, I need to get an external hard drive for my 12" PB for mostly music, photos and photoshop/illustrator files. So I'm thinking a lot of space but I don't want to spend a fortune and I suppose a fast drive is good too. So let me know what you think! Ok thanks a lot everyone.


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    Bason Computer

    I have bought hard drives from them and they seem to do a pretty good job. Especially if you look at their ratings on Resellerratings.com


    80 bucks for an external 100gb hd
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    mariusmarius Posts: 23member
    ...my suggestion: LaCie. That´s it!
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    So esentially a hard drive is a hard drive is a hard drive. I mean as long as it has firewire and or usb connectivity it will work for a mac right? So I just need to find a large capacity low cost unit.
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    sladuuchsladuuch Posts: 67member
    OWC's drives are pure gold. I bought one last year and it's fantastic, and it came with a bunch of shareware and Retrospect Express. Good deal.

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    Buy.com has a Lacie F.A Porsche designed 250GB External USB 2.0 Hard drive for $149.99. I have two and they are great - light, compact and stackable. Only complaint is that they are a little noisy, however this is not a comparitive comment (I haven't heard other external hard drives)

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    tomjtomj Posts: 120member
    I second the motion on Lacie drives. I've got a D2 drive. The only drawback to it is that it's not super portable or, at least, i wouldn't want to carry it around with me all day. LaCie is a company that's been around for at least a decade, and it's my personal preference to stick with tried and true companies. I would suggest a drive like the D2 because it has three interfaces: USB, Firewire, and Firewire 800. It also includes the LaCie utilities and cables for usb, fw800, fw six pin and fw six pin to four pin (for sony models and other computers that only have four pin firewire built in).

    I thought about getting a maxtor drive, but the price was the same for what i got at that store, so i went with LaCie.

    If you want something portable, I like the Firefly, it's small. The only problem i can think of with it is the price.

    good luck
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