Wolfenstein Mac Demo (Trench Toast)?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
The PC version is out. Will there be a MAc version?

Am I crazy, or does the Mac platform need the demo MORE than the PC platform? I mean, if I had a PC, I would have the full retail game in my greedy hands right now. As a Mac user who has played the MP test a MILLION times (and am now burned out) I need the demo and a new map BAD!

Anyone agree?

Back to Urban Terror...


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    Yeah, we really need a new map. The game was suppose to be done by Christmas, but the cocoa work wont be released until Apsyr releases their carbon work.

    The PC has a two level single player demo, and a two map MP demo (I believe) and ofcoarse, the full game. I wish they would release the map soon so interest in this fantastic game wont wane.

    I downloaded the PC map and unzipped it and found various folders with files. Then I unzipped our PK3 file and inserted the files into the appropiate places and zipped the package back up. No luck, maybe there is a checksum.
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