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Walt Mossberg, technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal recently published an informative and also opinionated article on how to download/create/publish a podcast online. While the article posted here:

Mostly refers to iTunes 4.9 it also mentions some of the other problems people face when they want to publish their own podcasts.. most notably to me is the need to find a website with which to host your podcast. I am wondering if in the future Apple would ever rollout a fee-based podcast hosting service for the masses of iTunes users.. I realize there is already .Mac for the Macintosh community, however as nice as this feature is, it is not specifically designed for publishing podcasts, which I believe a service like this would need to be in order to make podcasting truly mainstream. And of course there is the age-old argument of not everyone has a Mac, but thats a story for another day.

In short, I guess I am asking what are your thoughts on how to improve upon Apple's first foray into podcasting within iTunes.. Would this service be useful? Would it be profitable? Would it attract enough users to make it worthwile? As well as what other obstacles do you think stand in the way of podcasting truly becoming mainstream, and how can Apple build on its success in order to be the leading provider in this area, and what else needs to be integrated into iTunes for it to be the easiest way to create, publish, and download podcasts?



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    geekdreamsgeekdreams Posts: 280member
    Odeo and others are already stepping into the podcast creation/hosting business, no need for Apple to do it IMO.
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