Customizing the download process of a web browser

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I want to copy a file from a WINDOWS machine to a MACINTOSH machine using JAVASCRIT.Is it possible? I installed Internet Information Server (IIS) on the WINDOWS machine and copied the file to be downloaded the FTP ROOT (C\InetPut\\ftproot) of that machine. For downloading the file through JavaScript I used the following code

location.href = "ftp://IPAddress of the other machine/the requiredfile"

If the client machine is a WINDOWS machine the browser will prompt the user to give a location to store the file. Since there is no PATH Concept in MACINTOSH like in windows, I don't know whether it will prompt some other message. But I want to suppress the windoes that are poping up

and copy the file to the MAC machine. If the file already exists it should be overwritten by the new file. Is there any way to automate this process. Please give a solution :


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    Hmm.. I'll try to help here. I assume that you are using Mac OS 9, since Mac OS X has a very well defined path concept. Mac OS 9 also works this way (ie. Macintosh HD:your folder:your file) but it isn't as apparent.

    Basically, you should be able to use any FTP program or web browser to retrieve your file. Whether or not your file is overwritten on the Mac depends on the settings in the program that is doing the downloading.

    As for automation, it might be possible with Applescript. As i understand it, you have a file that will be updated on the Windows machine, and you want the Mac to periodically and automatically retrieve the file and overwrite the older version?

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