Bookmarks not syncing

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I just noticed that the bookmark locations in bookmarkable AAC files are not syncing to the iPod from iTunes and vice versa.

I am not really sure what Apple did with iTunes v4.9, but I can tell one thing for sure... they rushed it out the door without any testing.

This is absolutely ridiculous and I personally think a very bad black eye for Apple. This kind of leaves me with a sour feeling considering I just switched about two months ago.

By the way, I have a 4th generation iPod Mini (6 gig) with the latest iPod Updater installed.


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    kwsanderskwsanders Posts: 327member
    Guys and gals,

    My apologies. Please do not ban me for posting.

    Anyway, apparently, the problem that I was having was with a rogue podcast. I partially listened to a podcast this morning while on the road. When I synced up just now to my Mac and restarted this podcast in iTunes, it picked up right where I had left off on the iPod.

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