Capturing a computer screen through FCP, well...

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What is the best way to capture a computer screen throgh FCP? But not just capture it, capture it so that the screen is legible and easy to see? it seems to come out blurry whether using camptasia or using a camera...


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    o4blackwrxo4blackwrx Posts: 383member
    Apple + Shift + 3 will capture the whole screen.

    Apple + Shift + 4 will allow you to drag a box around what you want.

    Both of these give you screen shots and saves them to your Desktop as Picture 1, Picture 2, etc...
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    command + shift + 3 = screenshot (all screenshots are placed on the desktop).

    command + shift + 4 = allows you to select an area to make a screenshot of.

    command + shift + 4 + spacebar = takes a screenshot of a specific window, icon, etc.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Beaten by O4BlackWRX!

    I should stop watching TV and refresh before I post.
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    o-maco-mac Posts: 777member
    not from a Mac...i'm taking screenshots from an IBM laptop...but every time I capture it it looks blurry...
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    admactaniumadmactanium Posts: 812member
    you're running fcp on a windows laptop?
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member

    Originally posted by admactanium

    you're running fcp on a windows laptop?

    i think what he's saying is that he's trying to bring in screenshots from an ibm laptop into fcp on a mac. am i correct in that?
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    o-maco-mac Posts: 777member
    sort of yeah...I'm trying to videotape mouse movements on the screen of an ibm laptop but the quality is pretty crappy...
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