Hurricane's a comin'!

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So here we go again with the rain and the wind, and the potential gas shortages and the haven-flaven!

I'm in Miami, so we're not expecting to get slammed, but I have been watching the evacuation of the Keys. They took my university classroom this weekend as a shelter for Keys residents.

I've only been through heavy winds, but no real forceful hurricanes. Came here a couple years after Andrew.

Anyone affected now, or anyone been through a hurricane and have any interesting stories?

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    ricksbrainricksbrain Posts: 517member
    Well, in case anyone is interested...

    The wind has been howling all night in waves as each band of the hurricane sweeps by. Woke me up bigtime about 3am. This morning there are trees down everywhere and the wind shredded leaves and branches, so the ground is littered with debris. Quite a storm. For us in Miami, though, the damage is minimal as we only experienced some of the outer bands of the 'cane.

    My thoughts go out to the those in the Panhandle if that's where it's going. You still have time to close up and hunker down.
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    I'm on the Texas coast. I have been through a few tropical storms, but not a hurricane. I'm sure the day will come. Good luck to all of you to the east. This one looks nasty.
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,073member
    This will be a bad one. I drove through the last hurricane Dennis (it filled the whole state of Virginia, and I blasted through at 100 mph - I figured no cops on the road, and I could see far enough ahead to see downed trees). That storm was just a really big bad rain and windstorm, a bit scary but no problem. If this is the only kind of storm that you have been in, you will have a false sense of security.

    Hurrican fran went right over my house, and I foolishly walked out into it. As soon as I got past the shelter of my house I was swept off my feet, hit by a branch, and dragged 10' along the ground. I went back inside - in the morning trees had fallen all around and leaning over my house, but no hits. One of the trees was a black maple, after somebody hauled it away for firewood I found out it was worth $3000 in wood... 8( It was the middle of the summer - and we had 9 days with no power or AC. My neice used the drinking water to wash the dishes... It was smelly, hot and horrible.

    But Hurrican Fran was a category 1 - this will be a cat 5 by the time it hits. Sweet Jesus, I am glad it is not hitting here - good luck to all of you in Alabama, Mississippi, Florada and Tennessee. Even hurricane fran spawned tons of tornados and downdrafts - a downdraft near my house took the tops off a couple hundred 24" diameter pine trees, it cut them off 20' above the ground, snapped them in half like twigs.

    My wife foolishly stayed in Miami until Friday at noon. If it had gone up the peninsula, she would have been stuck in evacuation traffic, and the storm would have rolled over her.
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