dual monitor set up for photoshop

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Could anyone give me some adice into how to set up photoshop for dual monitors? I currently installed 2 cinema displays on my G5. I have been using photoshop for 6 years now heavily. My question is how can i set it up so that I maximise my space. I find that I generally work on one painting and have a couple others open for colour references. Of course the pallets etc.. go wtih it. I am trying to set it up so on the one screen I can have the main painting I am working on, and on the otehr all the rest of the stuff. It's very strange cause when I go to open up a file via the browser, sometimes it opens on one screen sometimes on the other. If anyone could geive me a break down of maybe how they have seen it set up that would be great. Also what monitor if not both should be set up to use full screen etc..



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    Well, that I think would be more personal preference than anything. I personally like to have my main tool palette along with the document on one monitor, and the navigator,layer brower and color etc... on the other. about 2/3 of the second monitor I have covered with the navigator..
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    ya so far what i did was my nav bar is arround a quarter of the screen, i have the rest of my palets with it ont he right side. The only thing to get used to is that sometimes the images open on one screen sometimes on teh other i never seem to know what one it will open on. The draw back to that is that if it opens on teh right side under the nav bar etc... it is hard to drag the image over to the other monitor.

    I guess these are just things to get used to just wish there was an easierway to move things arround.
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