external HD problems. I need UR help! Please?

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hey everyone,

im having problems with my external HD. And i cant afford to have it die on me! It has atleast 30GB of files that i NEED. here's what's happening:

ok. I was trying to add 600-odd new mp3s to my music library, as i was doing this the HD was making this really anoying clicking noise, but it wasn't disturbing, just sounded like it was busy copying files. Anyway, i found that whatever i tried to do with these 600 songs it seemed that the HD would stop and have to 'think' every 30 SECONDS(!!). i decided to just delete them and give it all a miss....

well i tried to delete them and the computer kind of just froze up. By now i was pretty pissed off. So i decied id just restart it all. Now i have, and when i turn on the HD it comes up with the message:

"the disk you inserted is not recognised by this computer" (or something like that).

my options are then:

"initialize" "ignore" "eject"

this is bull. it's formatted for Mac and has worked perfectly for 18 months (excluding some problems when i first got it, but that was with a different computer and i really can't remember what happened).

disk first aid doesn't help... i tried it and got this:

"Verify and Repair disk ?disk1s9?

Checking HFS Plus volume.

Invalid B-tree node size

Volume check failed.

Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit

1 HFS volume checked

\t1 volume could not be repaired because of an error"

i know im not making much sense, but i feel like bursting into tears now.... my entire mp3 library is on that HD, and it's basically become my life...

and no, i haven't backed it all up... that was on my Things-To-Do list.... i swear, if anyone can help, and if i get it all working sweetly again, i WILL back up my mp3s... THIS WEEK.

please. If u can help.


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    spiers69spiers69 Posts: 418member
    ok. ive stood back and had more of a think about all of this. Here's some more information:

    when i start up the HD, it spins and it all sounds normal. No loud clicks, crunches, etc. It's only when the computer loads that it appears to be incompatible.... but still working.

    Ive got a friend coming around tomorrow afternoon who might be able to help. Im hoping everything works. In the mean time im extracting the 1/5th of my music library that's on my iPod.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    If Disk Utility can't fix it, you need DiskWarrior. And don't go messing with it until you run DiskWarrior, except to read things. Don't try to write to it.
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    spiers69spiers69 Posts: 418member
    ive fixed it now. Sorry. i forgot about this thread.

    i used Norton Utilities to make a Virtual Disk and then i extracted what i needed, erased the HD and put back on it the vital files.

    Works as good as new now.
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