Ipod Mini Colour screens

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hey guys

jesus im getting anxious waiting for apple to announce coloured screened ipod minis!

ive been saving for over 3 months and have enough for a 6gb mini and hardcase, but im wondering when the colour screened ones will come out, if ever?

if anyone has any news i am glad to hear about it



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    Know ones knows for sure, but I think the majority believe that when apple introduces the 5G iPod, it'll be time for an iPod mini upgrade, which will probably include a color screen. Fall 2005 as a good timeframe, Paris Expo since Apple may not want to focus on its computer lines all that much??????? Who knows!
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    You have to remember that the iPod mini with color screen would be expected (by consumers) to have the same functionality as its big brother -- i.e. photo viewing.

    Right now, the iPod mini is a "dumbed down" version of the iPod. A lot of the accessories out there will not work with the mini because Apple hasn't configured it to be able to.

    I agree that if it's going to happen, it will have to be a 5G version, however I'm still skeptical about that. With increased storage and all the functionality of an iPod -- but smaller, it could cannibalize sales of the iPod.
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    teggy13teggy13 Posts: 3member

    im yet to experience the joys of an ipod of any type, i am, however, accustomed to using iTunes because my sister got a shuffle for her birthday. im begin very cautious because i have saved ebough to buy a mini, but i dont want to get one, then have colour screens released days later

    anyway...any updates are greatly appreciated

    cheers guys
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